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Yes, the red is gorgeous! I am so pleased!

I haven't had a chance to print the rest of the parts yet, so I haven't done anything else but I can think of 3 improvements:

1) the back piece is sort of weird. It locks in place when it slides up, but gravity pulls it down, so assembly is a bit fiddly. It felt like I needed 3 hands, until it oc
curred to me to assemble it upside down, but then it sometimes falls apart when you flip it...
2) all the joints are at right angles, so you could use T-slot connections (see http://wiki.makerbot.com/thingomatic-doc:about-nuts-and-boltshttp://wiki.makerbot.com/thing... for an example)
3) The hook bits on the bottom of the back piec
e are the weakest point. It was surprisingly easy to break one of them off. Acrylic is pretty easy to repair, luckily, and it seems to hold together OK with the broken part.

I've been thinking of trying to convert it all to t-slot and eliminate the hooks. I think that would make the whole structure
more rigid, and I might be able to eliminate the threaded rods that go across the bottom if I replace them with a few more pieces. maybe. The hard part will be learning to use a CAD suitable for the purpose.