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The feature of bendy ply was to repeat the shape, the top and bottom boomerang parts hold the shape and the two 6mm thick half's of the ply are glued with PVA as well as held together by the 4 4mm screws.

It has replaced a hollow plastic shell which was only 3-4mm thick plastic. Its now made of 12mm thick plywood and feels far stronger than the plastic original.
I'm more worried about the weather proofing of it. It had 3 coats of PVA then two coats of Mat black exterior paint. Its on and working..
Think I need to design the Locking lever version as well now and replace all of the remaining 5 plastic handles. The conservatory has 3 of these 1m wide double glazed sliding doors. I like the idea of removing the outside lock mechanism as it makes it slightly more secure. I got brownie points for
the fix from my partner as she is in the middle of doing a 12 portrait commission in the conservatory.

I have made a few other things with your bendy ply idea just not had time to finalize the designs I prefer to pop up a Finished design on Thingiverse. =-X