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Using last Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari browser versions.
There is a high severity bug at Thingiverse Customizer app from thingiverse model view (image "thingiverse_model_view.png") where any model can't be customized because rendered model is not shown. (Images "thingiverse_chrome_bug.png" and "thingiverse_firefox_bug.png")
Thats occours because, as shown in ""thingiverse_bug_cause_1.png" and "thingiverse_bug_cause_2.png", the render model height is 585px+margins while "iframe" that is it embeded has an height of just "150px".
This can be fixed safety for all browsers just adding a css "min-height" value of "595px" to iframe with id "#app_frame" like shown in image "thingiverse_bug_fix.png"
As shown in image "thingiverse_bug_responsive_devices_works.png" it will be fixed for responsive mobile devices too.

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