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lt;3 the herringbone or 'Citro
ën' gears. (from the the inspiration behind the Citroën logo) Especially the math behind designing the perfect gearset. :-)

I've been using this gearset on my two Prusa's for 4 months. Just one issue this far. No matter how nice and strong I print them, I seem to wear them down quite fast. Every
400 hours I need to replace them. -Being every 3 weeks with my obsessive printing. The solution right now is to keep a spare set laying about at all times.

-I have two suggestions for improvement, if I may.

First off, a slightly larger tooth module to increase lifespan. Simply more tooth-materia
l to wear down before failure.

Second I looked up the formulas for designing helical gears in my machine-element book, and it seem that the tooth geometry is slightly simplified. A boring tooth-study is sure to improve lifespan further.

The latter however is a daunting task as the feature size of
the teeth no-matter module is so small that an ideal tooth-shape will never be possible to produce on a reprap due to print quality limitations.

Please don't look at my comment as a criticism. O:-) These gears truly rocks my reprap. No backlash, great for precise filament retraction before rapid m
ovement. :-D