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I'm reading that the Trigorilla board (I'm actually on a Chiron printer, but the board is the same) is in fact a MEGA2560+RAMPS 1.4.
Assuming I am moving toward eliminating the stock TFT screen in favour of a 12864, does it means I can avoid using the specific Chiron firmware (I am using a very good one based on Marlin 2, but still custom for the Chiron https://github.com/coolio986/Marlin_2.0.x_Anycubic_Chiron) and instead clone and flash directly from Marlin (Note: I will still need to select the Trigorilla board, which is now supported in Marlin2)?

My motivations for this request are:

  • I am not super fluent with C. More than happy to change configuration files and small changes in code, but not complex things;
  • I don't want to depend on the good will of other people to go and rebase their custom firmwares on new Marlin bug-fix versions. I want to be able to clone new bug-fix versions, apply my edit and modifications (which I know because I made them) and flash it;
  • I want to be as mainstream as possible, so that I can apply mods developed by others;
  • Essentially, I want to be in control of the firmware I'm using.

Thanks :)