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While printing, my Flash Forge Finder quits feeding filament during the print.

I've tried several different test print .stl files. Some experience the same problem and then another time printing the same .stl it will print fine.

Troubleshooting so far:

Filament reel spins fine
Extruder does feed during loading and during start of print
I've changed print temperatures from lower to higher, does not change the the printer to stop feeding during the print
I've cleaned the PTFE tube and nozzle (.4mm nozzle)
I replaced the PTFE tube and nozzle with a new PTFE tube and new nozzle (.4mm nozzle)
I've checked the extruder gear and it looks clean. I've brushed it with a brass brush.
I've tried 3 different spools of PLA filament that 2 have worked previously. 1 spool was brand new out of the shrink wrap.

At first I was unloading then reloading filament and trying a test print.
Next I left the filament loaded. The only change was to leave the Flash Forge Finder where I stopped the print (sometimes 10% sometimes 23%, usually after 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 hour). Removed the print bed. Cleaned the failed print off the bed. Replaced the bed. Started a new test print, and the Flash Forge Finder started printing again. Feeding filament even though it had just stopped feeding during the previous print.

After changing the nozzle and PTFE tube it still has the same problem.

I'm stumped. Any suggestions?


Also, I followed this thread and it appeared to taper off without a solution also. Similar but different machine and different extrusion