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Thank you! I made it using a quite random and large toolchain of Open Source Software. Mostly because it was only the result that counted for me, not so much the re-usability. I do plan to improve the source-files to make them more adaptable, though. E.g. strip out blender and make the overal drop-shape with openscad too.

I want this Druplicon to be adaptable for every regional and personal Drupal group. The Belgian one standing on a waffle, the German wearing a lederhosen, the english with a tophat and the U.S one carrying a rifle. :)

Tools include:

  • Openscad for the overall modelling.
  • Blender for the generi
    c, organic drop-shape. Because I could not get the asymetric drop-shape from mathematics.
  • Inkscape with dxf-export and freecad to improve that dxf. For the face-shape.
  • Openscad for the clogs.