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Oh, this is just great.

It happens that today, I needed a way to connect up a "Neat-O" brand chinese pump to a Coleman air mattress, with a fairly wide sized opening. Nothing included in any of the numerous pumps we have about the house would work either. So when I found this site I was very interested in trying this out
to see if I could make an adapter that would work.

It worked. Beautifully. Picture below.

Printed in Natural White at 20% fill; BP at 115, Extruders at 220, no raft).

I carefully measured the included adapters that came with the pump, and then measured the valve diameter and depth on the air
mattress using a steel ruler ( and converted to metric, too, heh). I figured out where i wanted the shoulder, and then generated the STL. Turned that into G-code with the latest version (0037) and it printed on the first try.

This website and programming are tres cool and you have done a great job
on. I would like to see this featured. 8-)

If you are insterested in suggestions for additional features, perhaps a way to add more conic sections to the adapter, so that one could created a barbed adapter, for example. Also, that would also allow a way to add some filets between annular sections,
for cases like mine where I set the big and small diameters to values that caused a steep edge to form, and that may end being a weak spot. A fillet would help to correct that.