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Thanks for the reply and the suggestions,
Yes I did, the belts should be tight, I've never had an issue with layer shifting.

And as far as visual inspection can tell the probe looks okay, I have ordered a new one just to be sure as I did have a printer crash a while back.

But it's strange I've been running the same G-code for hours on end now (I'm printing FaceShields) and all of a sudden prints start lifting fromt the bed and the printer won;t auto-calibrate properly anymore (after just printing fine in the previous print) with prints actually lifting in one place and the nozzle almost crashing into the buildplate only 5~ cm further...

I checked if my bed was flat, it was. I even applied the bed-sticker that comes with the Little Monster (I never used it before because I prefer printing on glass), re-calibrated, but still the same outcome...
It's almost as if calibrating doesn't make any differences anymore regardless of endstop position or how clean or cluttered the bed is.

Maybe its time for a long awaited conversion to Marlin? The printer is 2 years old after all, it could be that the board finally gave in?

For now what I'll try in the following order;

  • Write a new test G-code, manipulate the Z-offset in Cura to see if I can create a temporary emergency fix (it will print too close to the buildplate in some spots, but if it stops prints from warping loose this will do for now.)
  • Manipulate the endstop positions and see if this is the problem/solution after all (Would changing the optic endstops for mechanical ones change anything?)
  • Ordered a new BLTouch (any better suggestions for a BLTouch perhaps?)
  • Create a 'ghost' in Marlin (Hooking the current hardware up to a RAMPS flashed with Marlin set up for the LM and check if a similar issue persists)