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i think the topic should be how many are jumping ship deleting all their designs hear and moving
i have started looking for another site and have signed in to several but even as bad as thingyverse is right now it is still better than the competition

a while back i was asked to sign up to another site from a person who worked there and liked my designs so i did but the site is so hard to upload anything i had to have the person who asked me to move set up the things and since have ben unable to understand or upload anything else so last month i decided to sine up on myminyfactory as suggested by other posts hear but it only allows 100mb uplaods for the whole thing my projected compressed are min of 200mbs

so hear we stand waiting for this site to fix the problems in the last few days they have fixed only one thing the infanate scroll that people was complaining about but for me it sucks because i liked the infanate scroll do not like having to click on next window but will live with it and they have fixed the stl view but that is about all i have seen fixed since the new web site