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" that he could maybe move his work off-site."

This shite has so many issues, it's beyond funny, but.... am I seriously the only person left alive who hasn't bought into the whole "cloud storage" crap? I mean, come on people. If you don't have local backups pf all your work - maybe even multiple copies in several places around the house/shop - then you only have yourself to blame if you lose your work because some company plays fast and loose with your hard work. Getting your project wiped to the nether regions - as thingi is wont to do - is one concern, but what happens when a "cloud server" goes belly up? Ceases operation? Gets hacked? And it's not just your own work you need to worry about either. All the people who have paid good money for "cloud based" music/movies/games are going to be shit out of luck when those companies decide it is no longer cost effective or an obsolete technology to continue hosting the media that they "bought."