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Thank you for being the only person in this discussion that is taking my plan seriously. I thought the whole point of the RepRap community was to push the limits on what machines can be made, without spending a ton of money. The rest of the people that have replied to this thread seem to think that I don't know what I am doing just because I am still in High School. As for the extruder, my end goal is either an E3D Supervolcano, or a custom cnc heatblock that uses Supervolcano Nozzles. For the heater cartridge, I have two 50 watt extra large cartridges from a friend's failed filament extruder. As for bed leveling, I will be using eccentric bolts to lift and stabilize the bed, and a BL-Touch for leveling. In addition, I plan to have the pellet extruder as the main extruder for larger prints in the future, and use the other normal extruder to print support material.