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You clearly did not read my post above. I am starting by building the frame, and setting it up for basic printing with a volcano hotend. That portion is what the budget is for. I am using Ramps 1.4 for testing purposes only because it is what I happen to already have. Once I have the basis of the printer, I will then be switching over to a 32 bit controller, and adding in the GRBL controlled Arduino Uno and stepper shield. Then I will add in the pellet extruder, spindle, and laser. I already have a spindle from a scrapped Prolight cnc mill that a local university auctioned off. As for your rude comment about me being a "school boy" that doesn't know how to isolate the two boards and switch the stepper connections, this is something that I have already done on a previous reprap that I wanted to add a laser cutter to.

I am quite frankly irritated by the fact that you and the other commenter MKSA above feel the need to criticize my intentions. Your are obviously missing the point of the RepRap community, which was formed to push the limits on the machines that can be made on a budget.