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I believe that the part you are missing is that I was not referring to what a RepRap is, but rather what the community now tends to focus on. Once again, if you read my comments, I am using the dual boards because it is what I already have on hand. I will not be physically switching the connectors, but rather using a Marlin extension program that uses a circuit to switch which board is feeding inputs to the steppers. Once again, this is a system that I have already made previously, so it makes sense to use it now. Also, I was only offended by the school boy comment because you seem to assume that just because I am young, I don't know what I am doing. I know that what I am doing is nothing new, and that there may be better ways to do it. I am simply doing it this way because this is the equipment that I already have. Other than that, I appreciate your suggestion of Repetier, which I may switch to later on when I move past the testing stages and switch to a 32 bit control board.