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Yes, I considered the Hypercube, or the hypercube infinite made by Zechyc (see below). I think that to start out, I will use the dual boards and multiplexer/demultiplexer circuit to switch the steppers. Later on, when I have a functioning frame, and motion components, I will switch to a better single controller. The current way that I am doing the stepper switching uses a 2 position toggle switch that outputs a binary 0 or 1. Then I then have a circuit that uses multiplexers to take the 0 or 1 input, and switch the path of the stepper connection. In testing it works pretty good, but I will have to see if that holds true for the printer build. The only side effect of this design is that the circuit has an approximately 3 second propagation delay from the logic circuit used, so the steppers do everything 3 seconds behind what the control board thinks it is doing. In tests, there is no motion distortion, only a delay, which doesn't really impact performance. It is just a little strange that if you use the display on the control board to move an axis, the movement comes 3 seconds after you input the command.


Hypercube Infinite Belt Printer version 2
by Zechyc