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Thanks for sharing this impressive design. I've decided to build one and am acquiring parts. I'm building from scratch and have no existing printer to inherit parts from. I have a handful of questions so far:

  • The BOM lists two aluminum plates, apparently for the bed and bed-carrier, correct?

  • Your second photo shows a carrier built from two plates which do not appear to be the BOM dimensions of 9.25" x 10". I'm guessing that, perhaps the version in the photo was made from materials you had on hand
    , and that a more conventional structure would use a single plate for the carrier, with the bed mounted via standoffs or spring-loaded screws, is this correct? If not, please clarify.

  • Your bed is not square. Which way is it oriented?

  • Is this drilling template appropriate?


  • I'm planning to use PLA and will forego the heated bed initially. I'm thinking I'll make the bed and possibly the carrier of acrylic or polycarbonate instead. Do you anticipate any problem here?

  • I'm still figuring out an e
    xtruder to use. My favorite so far is the x-carriage from the VertX. Can you see any obvious problem with this choice?