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I've tried to replace the carriages with ones in your design. Indeed it stabilizes a little bit, but I still have the wiggle in the effector, mainly due to the issue which I reported with the ball bearings at the ball/rod joint. I asked for some custom rods for my printer on aliexpress and some seller agreed to make them 267 mm. I will give a try with a magnetic effector first, so I will try this design at the beginning It is quite simple and I hope it will work just fine.

I am also thinking seriously to order one set of these --> and try to replace the entire carriage/effector thing. However, for this I will need to find a good fan shroud and an E3D v6 hotend. I don't know how I will do all of this, but I am thinking that avoiding to print any component would be a good idea, as I don't have another 3D printer and my printer seems to have a little bit of issue with keeping the accuracy for prints. Still, I am thinking how to solve the issue with the bed leveling, as in this situation, (with the changing of the effector plate completely), I would not be able to mount the anycubic probe anymore.

Anycubic Kossel Magnetic Arms Kit