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wow .. looks realy great!

Yeserday I have done some test with 300 and 400 mm/s (just for fun and as a benchmark for a further project, an X/Y cube) .. the extruder couldn't deliver the filimant without noises and my bearings sounded realy terible .. but the surface (a ring) and the layeradhesion was incredibly for this stupid test. I thing more than 200 mm/s is not suitabel for my printer and I think 150 will be the best compromise.. But I'm so happe that I have tested Klipper ...
Actual setup: Acc 1200; PA 0,09

Same settings, 150mm/s vase-mode, 0.3mmLayer .. a great surface .. an the best: nearly no ghosting (Skull)!

I just can upload some pictures .. but no video ... hmm