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I'm having a HECK of a time getting SailFish working both quickly and accurately on my Replicator 1

replicator.xml is unmodified 

Onboard preferences:

Acceleration ("Fine Quality") no other changes
Acceleration (misc)

  • override off
  • preheat on pause on
  • Slow when falls behind on
  • JKN advance K=0.005
  • JKN advance K2=0.055
  • Deprime right + left is 16

*) Using print-o-matic 
Layer height .20mm
Infill 20% Feed 80
Moves 100
Temperature 230
Bed temp 110
** Filament diameter 1.80 (measured from actual)

) Extruder stepper "ticks" and skips steps) With reversal disabled in Dimension, and deprime (16 steps) enabled
*) Extrusion of filament delayed by 1-2cm .. leaving big blank "holes"

Pics at: