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Presentation will just be me in a room talking with an informal gathering of UK puzzlers. However, intend to give a quick demo of the printer, OpenScad, Rep G, and BurrTools showing how they all fit together. Each year we are invited to a gathering at a puzzler's house to show off our best 3 puzzle related acquisitions. This uyear is the 6th such occurence/

I see you are based in the UK and have designed some interesting maths/puzzles/geometry things. Are you anywhere near London? If so would be really good if you could make it along to one of the puzzle/magic gatherings in Camden (second Tuesday of every month). Mainly puzzler geeks there, but magic, maths,gadgets, and toys are all ripe for discussion. It would be really good to have at least one other Rep owner to talk 3D with. Drop me a line if interested.