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Super easy print. Snapped together without any changes. I would recommend to those that have not assembled it yet to do the following:

Always put the pins into the parts that are in the innermost positions of the lamp first when possible. For instance, the u-shaped part that snaps into the base will have three other parts inside it: two small v-shaped parts and in between them, one end of a support rod that connects to the larger v-shaped parts. The u-shaped bracket uses a short pin to hold everything together. Put the short pin into the end of the support rod first, then add the small v-shaped parts (one on each side), leaving one side of the pin sticking out a little longer than the other. That length will enable you to get the assembly of the v-shaped parts and the support rod, with the pin, into the u-shaped bracket. Once the longer pin length has been inserted into one of the u-shaped uprights, you can push on it a little and it will snap into place on the other side of the u-shaped bracket.

This plan will work for most of the parts. There may be some parts that are a little tight (depends on how well tuned your HBP is) so be prepared. Warning - do not push a pin through a part by setting one end of the pin on a hard surface and pushing the part downward onto it - the ends of the pin will break! I know, because I stupidly did that.

GPWT! (Great Print, Wonderful Thing!)