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Hi Nicholas,

I'm a french student in an computer school and we are currently building a mobile robot (that prints). We based our work on your Inkjet Printer.

We currently have a problem linking the carriage to our board. You used the CONN_16_HP_Q2347A connector. On the data-sheet ( we can't see where pin are connected to the Q2347A HP Carriage Assembly.

In your documentation (DIY_Inkjet_Printer.pdf), the first link you wrote in your bibliography is to InkjetKitDocs-v1.0.pdf.

Is the electric circuit schematics for linking the carriage is the same as yours? (without the connector)
The main problem we saw is that on your picture where we can see the CONN_16_HP_Q2347A, the 2 NC (not connected) pins are not on the side as there are on the carriage.
Do we miss something here ?

Subsidiary question: is the carriage they use (HP 51604A) is used/controlled the same as yours (HP C6602) ?

Thanks !