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Ok, thanks for the help and if you want the plugin to work with Inkscape 0.48 on mac 10.7.5 then this patch mentioned below worked for me. I removed Inkscape installation just to be sure, re-installed from the 'snowlion-universal' dmg then installed the eggbot patch. Now it works. Thank you.

I have written a workaround patch and made it available for download (as part of the Eggbot extensions for Inkscape), for anyone needs a short-term workaround for this issue-- that is, before an official solution is released by the Inkscape developers.

You can download it here:

Full disclosure:
A. This is a totally unofficial hack, not endorsed in any way by the Inkscape developers. :)

B. The download is a standard Mac installer package for the Eggbot extensions for Inkscape, which installs the following software:

1) The Eggbot extensions for Inkscape, a set of Inkscape Extensions for creating drawings for and operating an Eggbot,
2) The Hershey Text extension for Inkscape, a "render" extension for drawing stroke-based text, and
3) The patch to, for version 0.48 and newer, which allows extensions to operate properly under MacOS 10.7.

C. This is free software, licensed under the GPL, released in the hopes that it will be helpful, but released strictly on an as-is basis.