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Thank you thank you thank you for this! It's funny, because our Rep2 was a bunch of hurt before you released those first profiles, WingCommander. My boss has taken to calling you the "Miracle Man" because whenever you do something, it's a game-changing upgrade, such as this Sailfish upgrade or the extruder upgrade. I was on Sailfish for a week before this came out and was getting a lot of stringing with your old profiles, but no more!

The only issue (and I dont know if its an issue or not) because I've never had this happen before, is the extruder is struggling to put out PLA on the first few layers of the 100micron profile, and then occasionally it happens on higher layers. It seems to happen after a jump, but I'm using the profiles from this page as-is, and followed the deprime settings to a tee. I know its probably a retraction or deprime issue, but I've checked everything in both the profile and the firmware... Any ideas?

But, no joke, you saved our Rep2 from becoming an ebay item and you saved my boss a bunch of money. We can never thank you enough.