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Hi, Nicholas!

If you remember, I asked about theory of printhead in "inkshield topic", but haven't succeed in finding better printhead. So, I tried to repeat your experience by myself and have a "problem" with prithead.

Now I made "power part" of my printer and it has 20V 300mA for printhead nozzles. But when I trying to test just one nozzle with 5us pulses through 800us, it works strange:

It heating some seconds and then begin to spray some ink, but not like drops - like aerosol. So, is it normal? And how far I should place surface for painting in this case to have good resolution (and which is achievable?)?

Maybe, it's not good to paint permanently through one nozzle, but what time I should give it to cool? Maybe, I should to try another timing?

Thank you.