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I printed this and am a bit disappointed.

  1. You shouldn't have changed 3mm to 2-56 ..nearly everything on reprap is 3mm and introducing another screw size was plain unnecessary.

  2. The gears are too thin --- toooooooo thin...I have broken nearly 4 small gears off the original wide design .. .(about 100 hours of use each) .. and I don't think the thin gears will last

  3. Your idler design is made with support .. why? you can rotate it 90 degrees and it needs no support.

  4. I like your quick eject idea ...but there really was no reason to change the item 1, 2 ..... I don't think it's an improvement .. it's a true tangential fork. If you would post another design with 3mm and wider gears .. I will surely try them.