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Thank you again for this excellent firmware! I especially find the [email protected] feature to be extremely useful. :)

I'm currently iterating on a color-chip design that includes embedded magnets (hoops are a thing of the past!), and the repeated printing got me to find out about the "M322" command, but I haven't been able to get it working, especially since I can't seem to find any posted examples of its usage (both for location in the gcode and the format for its parameter).

Also, in fumbling with finding and reading the implementation (https://github.com/jetty840/Sailfish-G3Firmware/pull/34/files)https://github.com/jetty840/Sa..., it appears that it will only accept integral mm for the parameter, but I definitely want to at an automatic pause at a sub-mm precision (to snugly fit the magnets).

Can someone who's familiar with M322 help me by giving me an example of its insertion into the gcode after slicing?

Also, assuming the z-position is in the middle of a layer, does anyone know if the pause occurs before or after that layer is printed? (I've been adding one layer to the height just in case the answer is "before")