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I'm planning on relying on 123D Catch, for a couple reasons.

First, it's free, and I need to keep my costs down. 123D Catch is free "photogrammetry" software that analyses digital photographs of an object and reconstructs a 3D wireframe model of the object. I'll be taking many hundreds of photos of each sculpture, from all angles, and processing them with Catch. While it's true that high-end 3D scanning equipment can get much more accurate results, it is also very expensive.

Second, I want to focus on using the least expensive consumer-grade stuff in order to demonstrate what the average user can do. Hi-tech labs and well endowed museums have been using very high-end scanning equipment for a long time, making 3D models for their own use, in-house. That's nothing new. But the improvements in inexpensive, consumer-grade solutions is where the action is right now. Growth in that sector -- and demonstrations of what it can do -- is going to be what drives people's expectations about what kind of models museums should be publishing.

Third, I know how to use 123D Catch. I have captured very nice models, even under some poor conditions, with it. So I expect better than average results in the near-ideal setting of the Skulpturhalle.

That said, if my project is well received and well funded, and I can really take my time in the museum, I am planning on inviting/soliciting higher-end scanning companies to either loan me equipment, or send a small team to join me for a day or two so they can demo their own equipment and add their scans to my project's output. Make it a group effort and product demo opportunity for them, and produce more scans for publication. I'm already in touch with a few.

I will also be publishing all the original photographs, so anyone will be free to run them through any other photogrammetry software the want to try, now or in the future.