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You, thorpi, most certainly do not understand the costs associated with doing something like this on the scale that Cosmo is talking about. Did you even read his post, or the kickstarter campaign in progress? If you didn't, you should keep your mouth shut in the future until you do so. If you did, and you still maintain your position, then I directly accuse you of being a selfish, self centered cheapskate; the kind of person who is always looking to get everything for free and feels like the world owes you something. The project that he is undertaking has costs. Costs, mind you, which could very easily go way beyond the target he has set for his Kickstarter. He will have to work very hard to keep things within budget, and will have nothing to show at the end of his work other than the scans he was able to procure before the funds ran out, and those he is promising to share with the world for free. That, thorpi, is dedication to the preservation of priceless works of art, and from your post it seems, something on which you place no value. That being said, I sincerely hope you look into this more with an open mind, and reconsider your position.