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I have to say that if I look at the scan you provided on the kickstarter, it lacks so much detail. Yes, the original image is there when you look from afar, but up close, it simply doesn't hold up.

A project with this big a scale and this much at stake for the digital preservation of culture should definitely cost this much, if not more. However, it should not be done with something that makes such poor models as 123D Catch. 123D Catch is great for everyday use, and even making some printable models, but anything beyond that, it simply lacks detail. In many cases, 123D Catch over-smooths surfaces and actually destroys the whole purpose of the sculpture, which is the "blood, sweat and tears" of the artist. It also does not render depth into the model well, so cutouts or nicks or sharp indents will not render in 123D Catch.

If you simply purchased or even rented a 3D professional scanner, he could get 100x better scans in a fraction of the time. So, not saying it isn't an amazing idea and a huge undertaking, but I'm saying that a considerable amount of the time that you will be spending on this and thus, your Kickstarter funding to be used, can be spent on renting or even purchasing a decent 3D scanner.

In short, you don't need hundreds of of photos (thus lots and lots of time) to make a 3d model, you can save your time and spend that money on a 3D scanner and do 2x the amount of models in half the time at a way way better resolution. I mean, you are preserving history after all.

Also, to encourage "what the average user can do" you can simply mention 123D Catch, give it some more exposure, but not to capture timeless works of art.