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The preview version on display at on the Kickstarter page is a highly decimated version, reduced so as to load quickly in viewers' browsers.

Please take a look at the original model, captured with 123D Catch, here:

Even in the "thingiview" preview, you can see that much of the texture of the highly weathered original marble is captured intact.

I certainly appreciate the higher quality possible with more expensive equipment. As you can see elsewhere, though, my budget is already seen by some to be too high, even using free solutions. If the project is well funded, or gains sufficient interest, I will certainly be looking into borrowing, renting, or purchasing additional equipment.

And, an ugly truth of fundraising: the "tote bag" is not free. Fundraising itself has costs. Nearly half my budget is dedicated to paying the Kickstarter and Amazon payment processing commissions, and fulfilling the Kickstarter "rewards" for backers. While I would love to be able to do away with those costs entirely, and focus on producing only the pure public good of the scan product, the fact is that Kickstarter and Amazon both take their cut, and people want tangible rewards for their donations, and those very real costs must be included in the bottom line.

Portrait of Alexander the Great