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  1. Did you follow the setup directions and reset your bot to factory defaults from RepG 40r22 - Sailfish? Sounds like you didn't and as a result had who knows what settings in EEPROM including a setting to enable SD card error detection. It's off by default. If it was on -- and it sounds like it was -- then that means you did not complete the setup directions. (Install and setup information is found at http://makerbot.com/sailfish/http://makerbot.com/sailfish/ .)

It's also possible you have broken SD card hardware. I've had my Rep 2 get a piece of fine filament down in the SD card slot such that the SD card inserted switch did not work. I could see the fine piece of filament with a flashlight. I was able to blow it out with compressed air. I also saw similar on someone else's bot and tweezers were needed to get it out. It's a problem with how MBI made that slot: debris can fall in it unlike the side mounted slot on the Rep 1.

But why is interruption of the SD card select switch an issue? Because Sailfish depends upon it working so that it can provide SD card folder support. (And FAT-32 support for high capacity SD cards.) Soooo, there's some chance that was your issue. However, not resetting the EEPROM to factory defaults from RepG is more likely the case. At any rate, the Sailfish build for "broken SD card hardware" works on bots with a failed SD card detect switch. You can always run with that instead. Downside is that you do not get SD card folder support.