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Oh, and like Jetty wrote -- if SD card error detection was enabled and you were seeing errors, then you may want to fix the underlying issue -- use a different SD card since read errors are occurring with the one you're using. MBI's firmware doesn't check for read errors: it just blindly accepts whatever it gets from the card and has no clue if there was a data error. Sailfish can optionally enable the SD card's error detection handling. If an error is then detected, Sailfish will attempt to re-read the data. If the re-reads for a given chunk of data fails 5 times in a row, then Sailfish gives up. And given that the SD card signal interface on the Rep 1 and Rep 2 is poorly implemented at the electonics level, it's not at all unusual to come across an SD card which is behaving in a borderline fashion: it will work fine in your laptop/desktop which has decent electronics for SD cards, but it will not work well in the makerbot which has poorly designed electronics for SD cards. Fix is to use a different SD card. (I have a stack of SD cards which are borderline in a Rep 2, don't work at all in a Rep 1 which has an even lousier electronics design, work great in my Thing-o-Matic, and work great in my laptop. Exact same firmware on all three bots.)