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This is not about the prospect of the technique in general, it is about Focus' ability to print in said technique.

SLS is one of the most versatile techniques, but this is about the hardware available. I simply miss too many things on Focus (heated buildbox, scanner, inert gas chamber) to yield any results. The laser is too low powered and the carriage is too slow.

I cannot print in SLS because I have huge amounts of shrink, enough to displace previous layers and enough to warp a 3mm part 1mm. All hardware needed to have less shrink is not and will not be available due to the used hardware on focus. To properly sinter, I need scanners with galvo's, High powered laser that can melt without additives to the powder, heated buildbox and chamber.

At this point of the project it is way easier to convert Focus to 3DP. All hardware necessary is already there. I might design an SLS specific printer one day, but that is a €3000 project, and I lack proper funding and time for taht.