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And, btw, for MBI's latest rev of their motherboard they had to slow down the SD card data rate from 8 MHz to 1 MHz. You may have one of those newer motherboards on which they did make changes to the electronics. It's a "RevH" MightyBoard. In Sailfish 7.5 we went ahead and slowed the SD card data rate down to 1 MHz as well. So, if you were using Sailfish 7.4 and had one of those newest motherboards, it's conceivable that you might have seen an issue. If so, then the solution would be to run 7.5 of Sailfish. (And if it were a problem for Sailfish 7.4 then it would also be a problem for MBI's 7.2 firmware which also used the faster 8 MHz SD card data rate.)