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Sorry man! Missed the comment from ="thingiverse-cc056b1a6ed9b5eb4a51dd860eaacb87:disqus" href=" . Here's my thinkin' .... EDIT: Not a rant, happy to take it offline. Just some good chatting to answer the question: Should a camera lens be centered on its gimbal axis of rotation?

I'm going on the assumption it is preferable to correct for roll rather than translation in post edits.

I figure any movement on the roll axis is multiplied by the distance from center of rotation. For example, if the gimbal corrects for 3 degrees of roll in one direction, a perfectly-centered lens will only show the roll correction in that axis on the video. Whereas a lens that is offset from center will show both roll and translation in the video.

Am I off base here? In your experience, do you think this amount of translation is negligable when viewing the video? Appreciate the discussion.- ted