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The 30A Plush should do fine for you, those are the same ones I use. You can get away with using 18 or 20 amp ones as well.

As far as the motor I don't have any experience with it, but as a rule of thumb the lower the Kv the better for multicopters. I have used 1100kv motors on my tricopter, but now am running 620kv with a noted increase in efficiency.

Some good props for this are the Graupner 9x5 or 10x5 props or the APC 10x4.7. I have flown with both and both do well.

I would go with 4 cell batteries for the quad. Anywhere between 3-5000 mah. Any higher than 5000 and you will get diminishing returns on your flight times. I just got a couple 4000mah turnigy nano-techs and have really been impressed with them. Hardly any heat and bloating after a hard flight and the size and weight is significantly less than a similar battery.

Hope this helps.