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I would use default infill - there won't be much since this is so light. My current default infill is 0.3 rather than the default infill of 0.4. Actually using a higher setting for this might make sense but I was a bit lazy in printing it.

The weakest part with this design is the small inset for the through holes, which is an overhang and usually comes out a bit weak. But you don't really need the structural strength against the shroud. The design fits tightly enough in the space that once you have it around the Magma stainless steel tubing it should hold in place pretty well. Also the Magma seems doomed to leak plastic where the stainless steel tubing joins the brass nozzle and that actually also helps hold it in place. Some people have used teflon thread sealer tape to reduce leakage but I have avoided that so far...