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With ABS it may be possible to avoid jamming. Going to smaller layer heights (0.1mm) and printing with PETT (T-glase) is trickier. The likelihood of jamming may be less if the diameter of your 3mm filament is less (it's usually less than 3mm, how much less may vary). For me, getting my Magma to print without jamming has required getting the right settings, and most definitely printing without the fan (which I haven't tried much, but enough to convince me it's needed) has greatly increased my jamming. The most common jam is the hobbed bolt starts eating a crescent into the filament and I have to back everything out, clean out the hobbed bolt, and re-feed the filament.

I also suspect the Magma nozzles may vary slightly from one batch to the next.

Of course, I still want to print with PLA and whenever I feel masochistic I load that up and give it a try...