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Great work,

I made an Eggbot too, this one ( )

Only one problem, that I hope someone can point me in right direction with solving.

plotting on eggs, it looks like no microsteps is used and it's getting
rather bad quality, as shown on the picture. However the drivers, voltage, wires etc. should all be
in order. I checked everything like 20 times.

I use 200 step per
revolution motors, 1/8 stepper drivers. I replaced motors and stepper
drivers to be sure that it is not the problem.

I also tried
scaling up x10 a svg drawing before exporting to gcode - and setting the
zoom level accordingly, no improvements there ether.

So I assume that the problem is somewhere in the firmware, can someone have a look and verify if there is a problem there.
If its not the firmware, what could the problem be?

Im using for sending the gcode.


Revised Fully Printable Eggbot