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I'm printing in ABS only, I found PLA was nice and hard yes, but even the slightest crash would crack an arm, the ABS is much more forgiving. I do have to retract my previous statement tho, there is a problem printing at anything less than 35 percent infill, even 40 is a minimum. If you go any less, then even after the print is done, and you leave it to cool, if you do less than say 40 percent, the arms have a tendency to eventually want to curve upward, losing that nice flat surface from the raftless print (another reason I love these, no support, no rafts.. its great) Yes, you can re-heat and eventually cure them, but it's a real pain, and for that extra 10 percent infil, which can take alot longer sure, it means your arms will be dead straight. So far the biggest challenge for me is printing the top plate! takes up my whole print bed practically and I have a dual extruder, so all that movement across the entire bed lets you know when things are not level... you get alot of nozzle drag with something that large.