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It took me three or four tries to get this right. I've been using blue tape on my print bed, to make it easier to remove my prints. When I printed this at 230 degrees with PLA on the Replicator 2, the corners kept lifting up, eventually causing the print to fail each time. I messed with different infills, but once I eliminated the blue tape on the bed, it stuck better, and I got a perfect print. Another tip: print the first 80% in one color, and then do a cold pause, and switch to another color filament that has high contrast from the first color. (I've started with white and then switched to blue). It will make the text much easier to read - and it looks WAY-cool! I'm sorry to not show the one that I made, but I'd rather not publish all of my personal information on the Thingiverse if I can help it.