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New for the Replicator 1 and 2 (MightyBoard)

Specific to Replicators, changes have been made in two areas. First, the addition of new safety features which are explained in the section New Replicator safety features. Second, the removal from the firmware of the Nozzle Calibration scripts as described below.

For Replicators, the Nozzle Calibration scripts have been removed so as to free up program space. These are the scripts which print the calibration lines used to calibrate the nozzle spacing of Replicator 1 Duals and Replicator 2Xs. These scripts are now accessed via ReplicatorG's menu "File > Scripts > Calibration > Replicator 1, 2 & 2X". Owing to the difference in nozzle spacings, there are two Nozzle Calibration scripts: one for the Replicator 1 Dual and another for the Replicator 2X. Run the correct script for your bot. You can also save the script to an SD card and run it from the card.

After running the script, use the bot's onboard Nozzle Calibration menu found under the Utilities menu. That menu will allow you to enter the X and Y calibration numbers as per the directions at Makerbot's Nozzle Alignment directions (http://www.makerbot.com/support/replicator/troubleshooting/nozzle-align/http://www.makerbot.com/suppor...

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