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  1. Why do you think your motherboard is ruined? Just download a different firmware. The firmware does not alter your bootloader; it does not alter the USB firmware on the 8u2 USB chip either. Thus, you can just download a different firmware. No big deal. I've even accidentally put the wrong firmware on my Rep 1. I just put the correct one on and all was well. If you are not comfortable doing these sorts of things, then you probably shouldn't be changing the firmware on your bot.
  2. Plenty of FlashForge users are using Sailfish; just check out the flashforge forum, [email protected]
  3. Install and setup directions for Sailfish can be found at http://makerbot.com/sailfish/http://makerbot.com/sailfish/ .
  4. lovethepirk has posted very complete install and setup information for Sailfish to the FlashForge forum. He even made a video. You'll need to search for his postings.