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You are reporting a comment on Inkscape to OpenSCAD converter v6 as a violation of the Thingiverse Terms of Service. Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention. To help our team best respond to this issue please take a few moments to describe what brought this matter to your attention.

You need to fix your SVG to have units or correct units. SVG files should specify the units used (cm, ft, in, m, mm, pc, or pt) and if no units are specified then user units are assumed as per the SVG specification. Moreover 1 user unit is defined to be 1px. Further, the conversion from px to mm is 90px to 25.4 mm. (More precisely, 90px is defined to be 1inch.) So, if things are scaled improperly, the issue is likely with your SVG and you need to correct the usage of units in your SVG file.

P.S. Technically, if no units are specified then the measurement defaults to "user" units. But 1px is defined to be 1 user unit so you can use them interchangeably.