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I have just put my Eckstruder into service to replace my Greg Wade that failed me when I made the change from 3mm ABS to 1.75mm ABS. I printed all the parts from this Thing before the Wades totally gave out. This design is great. Lots of fixes for problems with the Wade, Better bearing retention, better hobbed bolt arrangement, better feed for filament after the hobbing point, direct J Head mounting. However there are some problems. The cleanup on the main block is a very tough job, letting Cura or Slic3r add the support material would have made things much easier., The hole for the J Head was not quite deep enough. The idler block plastic contacts the main body before making good pressure on the 1.75mm filament. My solution for this is to order a 8x24x7 bearing LR608NPP to replace the standard 8x22x7 608 bearing. I think that extra millimeter of radius should take care of the problem. I will let you know.