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Hello again James. I got a fantastic result following your recommendations and reviewing the critical calibrations of my printer. The reference you made to unintentional lampshade made me smile. This is the first item of this type I have printed, and it was a positive & challenging experience. The photos of the "lampshade" will not be posted as there were other flaws besides being thin walled.
HOWEVER as you also mentioned the translucency of natural PLA is quite striking if the printer is optimized to give best surface finish.
Given the "bell breakers" on line I can just imagine if you were to design a lampshade and expressly indicated that it was not to be used on an incandescent fixture, but only with an LED bulb, that someone would complain that their lamp melted the shade and that it was somehow YOUR fault . Keep up the nice work. I only have a single extruder right now but have messed about with heat splicing filament of different colors together, I may have another go at this .