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Hello I am using a uPrint Pro to print the right hand model for a young girl in my area. I am having an issue with the right hand and the fingers, for now these are the only issues. What happens when I go to print them is the bottom portion of the hand, anything after the top curvature is dropped from the print. The issue with the fingers is the tips are not part of the finger, it puts support between the tips and the finger. When I clean the fingers, the tips are seperated from the main finger piece. Glue will fix the issue, but I would like it to actually print out whole, as I believe this is how it was designed to be, as one piece. Any ideas or reasons as to why I am experiencing this issue? I have looked through most of the comments and I did not come across anyone else having this issue. I will dig deeper to see.
Thank you for any help you can provide.