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Some of those photos aren't nearly as bad as others.

3s7... combination of nozzle not level to bed and overextrusion.
3s6... hard to tell but nothing looks off to me.
3s5... way overextruded/nozzle too low (the 'sharktoothing' shows the printer is far off the mark)
3s2 not bad, but a tad heavy on the accel/decel... you could increase linear advance to make improve this one
3s1... a bit overextruded/nozzle too low, but not as bad as 3s5
3s3... see 3s5
3s4... looks like an electron microgram of something?

The size of the prints make it hard to tell if something is off with bed leveling/probing. How old is your extruder gear? My original a8 extruder gear has over 1400hrs of printing and 4km of filament under the belt, and still going strong.

So I would say the printer is either due for a recalibration, or something is mechanically off. Trying different z heights and is definitely valid. Sometimes the bed and or nozzle (even framing) may expand and contract differently depending on bed/nozzle temps. So z height is not set it and forget it, other than using the exact same setup for the next print. With an mk3s, you probably have a probe and use mesh leveling. If it's a bltouch, maybe it's getting worn out? Flow settings... I found that different filaments, brands, and colors like slightly different flow rates... variances up to 8% from my experience. Also, mechanically it could be many things. If you have a bearing going bad or worn delrin bushing that might cause this. Also if your frame has come lose or otherwise is moving around there can be problems. Part of my maintenance schedule involves checking tightness on all the screws every 3-4months.