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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take each piece and try it in your slicer program, which I am assuming has the limits of your print volume as a guide, or at least the capability to measure the limits of the piece.

Meanwhile, of the base model in this design, the largest pieces are the

Jowl's which are 130mm tall, and 165mm wide.
One piece visor which is 130mm tall, 165mm wide, 178mm deep. ( noting that two part visor print is also in the download )

If these fit you can print the full design.

Note that parts such as some of those in the "big pieces" and "peak with batteries" supplementary designs, will not fit as they are over 200mm. These are not necessary for the main piece, but have dig through the supplementary designs as they are generally improvements.

There is a split form of peak with batteries, so you can still get those features.